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Desirae King is an Evangelist, American inspirational speaker, author, youth advocate, lifestyle strategist, and mentor to many. Her life story reads like a compelling blockbuster movie, full of abandonment, heartache, and the type of drama that could only be experienced from growing up on the unforgiving streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Out of her own personal pain a dynamic spiritual awakening was born, and Ms. King realized her God-given gift of encouraging captivated audiences all around the world. Desirae King has proven time and again that her oratory skills have a transformational effect on her followers.


There’s over 300 verses on prosperity, abundance and success in the bible. As a matter of fact 3 John 2 Reads “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” Prosperity and good health is what God desires and planned for YOU, regardless of your background, color, gender, family history, or education level. In this short powerful 5 Day Video Series on “What God Promised Me!” we cover: What are God’s promises. What can hinder you from God’s promises, Why God gave us these promises in the first place and so much more. I look forward to seeing you ion the other side.


LIVE MON-FRI   7:30 AM EST   6:30 AM CST   4:30 AM PST

Desirae King


In addition to sharing a life stories that would stun the most desensitized teenager, Ms. King will ask for willing volunteers from the audience to demonstrate eye-opening revelations depicting the way society labels you. She will identify labels her audiences feel their parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and family have placed on them thus far.

As the founder of Transpireful Network, Ms. Desirae King, will share her personal story of growing up under labels like, “inner city youth”, “abandoned”, and “dysfunctional”. She equips her audiences with practical tools to

disable the labels AND take back their power!


Author of Disable Your Labels. Ms. King tells the tale of a little girl who learned at an early age what it felt like to be forgotten and abused but later grew up to be a widely sought-after guest speaker at schools, churches, and corporate rallies across the globe.

The need for others to hear her impactful message of survival, transformation, and self-empowerment inspired Desirae to create the Transpireful Network. Through this company, she is able to connect with people who have a desire for clearer vision and a more defined purpose and propel them towards success, despite what their background and upbringing may be.

Desirae King

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